Playing golf is Good for your Mental Health

Playing golf has been associated for many years with great fun or an easy way of spending your free time. Are you aware that it can also improve your mental health? Yes, playing golf does exactly just that. Many of those who are not very familiar with this game may think that it is a sport where players only enjoy riding carts and drinking. However, playing golf offers mental benefits to the players since it helps in keeping their minds alert. As a golfer weighs up rewards and risk elements of a given shot, their minds become sharp. Mental alertness is also aided by other facets of the golf game because of the associated puzzles that have to be solved accurately.

This golf game is wonderful for human psyche since the players make vital contact with others.

Those who find it difficult to concentrate can use this weakness as an opportunity by engaging in golf. This is because golfers must learn to be focused in order to make the best shot and concentrate on how to make the best swing for that shot. If a player is thinking about other issues like what events will occur during vacation or the next week, then they will not play golf successfully. Therefore, practicing now and again on how to concentrate and be focused when playing golf can improve the overall ability to concentrate and help a golfer to learn to focus and concentrate on tasks.

This is a great game for jogging the mind. There are carefully designed holes, and each is a puzzle. The golfers cannot use brute force when shooting, otherwise, they will not obtain the highest scores. This implies that golfers must learn how to solve problems now and again for that perfect shot which enables their mind to be sharp.

Learn the Basics of Playing Golf

Golf is a game that many people in high society who belong to a given class play. This game is widely believed to have such features since it can help people to display their social standing while offering players the chance to compete at the same time. Golf can be part clubhouse or part sport; hence worth being given a try. You can bet on golf or even the UK Unibet Euro. It’s easy and fun!

Playing golf is very easy so long as a person is committed to learning and practicing a few games more often. To perform a swing, you need to pull the thumbstick back and raise the golf club, then release the club to swing. Players in this game are evaluated based on the swinging of the club, speed of raising the club, and the accuracy when making a shot. This mechanic can be strange, maybe in the first few attempts, but with practice, it feels natural. For those who are right handed, they need to use the right thumbstick when swinging the golf club. It is therefore important for potential players to indicate whether they are left or right handed during the tutorials. This consideration is simple but very nice because it can be difficult for a left handed person to perform a swing using their right thumbs. A new player will learn finer point of how to make a swing down easily.

Club selection is also important since it is easier to switch up the perfect club easily. However, the performance of a given club is influenced by other factors such as the wind direction, standard shots and slope of the golf course.

Golf players usually wear different clothing and have different clubs, however, these outfits are mere cosmetics.

Clubs may have different weights but this does not provide major advantages over competitors. They only influence how a player can respond differently is through the movement of their individual thumbs.

Health Benefits of Golf

Playing golf has many benefits besides being outside inhaling clean air. Although playing golf cannot be confused with running or playing basketball, it has a beneficial exercise which is more significant when a golf player walks eighteen holes rather than taking the golf cart. The health benefits of golf include:

Burning calories and weight loss

Golfers burn over 2,000 calories to cover 18 holes, depending on the golf course terrain and the weather, while some cover even eight miles walking. Burning the calories contributes to weight loss.

Physical fitness

Playing golf contributes to physical fitness in many ways. As a golfer covers more miles walking, the body develops good posture. In addition, swinging as one plays golf provides a workout for all muscles since a full swing involves exercising the back, abdomen, arms, and legs.

Strengthening heart muscles

The heart muscles are exercised when playing golf which is important for it to function well. The golfers who plays four to five times every week can really strengthen their heart muscles. Stronger heart muscles can prevent many heart problems and thus increase one’s life years.

Vitamin D

Exposure to sunlight as one plays golf can help in getting Vitamin D. Vitamin D is important for heart health and bone growth.

Reducing anxiety and stress levels

Walking in fresh air during golf is wonderful for your serotine and endorphin levels which result in reduced anxiety and stress and improved mood. This game provides relaxation since the day-to-day hassles are given a break.


Being healthy also involves having a good social environment. Since golf is competitive, it takes place in a friendly environment. This gives participants the opportunity of discussing various issues with one another hence people enjoy the company of others while competing. Therefore, playing golf helps people to socialize and meet other players with totally different lifestyles.

Golf and Networking

Playing golf is good for those looking for networking opportunities. This can be important for establishing careers and getting new clients for businesses given that it is an interactive game.

Many students have invested their money and time into learning golf. Indeed, golf can provide an important opportunity to network and perform better than those who you are competing with. This implies that it can be a disadvantage for a college student not to know golf.

People know that in a real world, businessmen promote games like golf as a way of interacting with colleagues and clients. therefore, golf is one of the essential tools for businesses since it aids in strengthening a relationship between a business and the customers.

In order to play golf, one can start at an early age so that as a person grows, then he or she learns the basics easily. That is, the earlier a person starts familiarizing themselves with golf, the easier it becomes to pick up the game in the future.

For those who had not started playing at an early age, all is not lost since they can still be successful at this game provided that they practice frequently and work harder to learn the game.

This game can be played for many years since it is a game for any age. Although one needs months in order to acquire the fundamentals of this game, proficiency in golf is not required when you are more interested in interacting with co-workers, getting new friends or clients. it is all about being patient since you can never be perfect at playing golf.

Indeed, golf is recommended for those having a given passion, be it for business or merely socializing. Golf will provide you with a platform for being happy, more balanced and a relaxed person.

What You Want to Know About Golf Courses

A playing field in which the famous golf sport is played is usually very wide, with diverse terrain. Unlike other sports, there is no set standard area for a golf course which aids in the contribution to the different game levels. However, some modifications are not easy to avoid. It can be comprised of 18 holes arranged in a series with each having a tee box. The borders of the tee box are well defined using two tee markers. The markers bound the authorised tee area, the rough, fairway as well as hazards such as water and sand hazard in the course. The sand hazards are in most cases artificially made to create difficulty and excitement all wrapped in one. The fairway is the region between the green and tee box. In this area of the course, grass is maintained short and even.

Grass levels are often varied in order to raise the difficulty level of the game or to enable a putting (hitting the ball gently for it to roll on a green). The typical grass types used in golf courses include Zoysia, Bentgrass, perennial Ryegrass. Most of these grasses can withstand tough climatic conditions with constant research done on much better grass. However, some golf courses consist of 9 holes and in most cases used for recreation purposes. Players can go round the 9 holed course twice making it a complete 18 course. All the holes in a course are different in arrangement and layout. Some holes can be arranged in the same line direction as the teeing area while others may bend towards the right or left. The bending is known as a dogleg with those to the left are ‘dogleg left’ and ‘dogleg right’ for holes bending to right. other features of the golf course include pin, out of bounds, bunker and rough.

Golf balls

Golf balls have received increasing interest in the ethical and economic equipment battles. There are golfers who are concerned that equipment advances will render the most storied golf courses outdated and obsolete. However, this is yet to happen as many of the famous courses continue to challenge and entertain golfers as they have done for the past decades. After all, stuffing the golf ball with rubber, liquid, or features does not matter since golf is a game that requires a sharp mind, consistency, and accuracy and it is not only about distance. That is, if a golf ball flies farther it does not automatically mean that they can fly more straight. Therefore, the impacts of advancement of ball technology in golf remain to be a mystery that is yet to be understood.

Many golfers are loyal to their ball brands, however, different ball brands claim to be unique and have different specifications. These attributes can be considered when buying the best ball for your game. Balls can be of different structures, some are made of one piece while other have five pieces.

One-piece ball

This is a basic ball which is the least expensive. It is designed mainly for beginners, crazy courses and driving ranges.

Two-piece ball

It has a solid core made of resin and covered outside by a cut-proof cover which gives it more distance.

Three-piece ball

It has a liquid core or solid rubber which is also associated with giving the ball stability.

Four-piece ball

The four layers has a different and specific purpose. These layers work collaboratively to provide a soft feeling, and to be the longest hitting golf ball.

Five-piece ball

This is the latest innovation in the design of golf ball which also aims at giving the players a soft feeling, and also to be the longest hitting golf ball.

Considering these golf balls and their attributes they may be important for some players but not others.

Does the Golf Club Matter?

Recreational golfing is growing in popularity over the years as more people, both old and young, understand the benefits of engaging in golf as a game. However, few people understand that successful golfers tend to be choosy when it comes to which golf club they use. Understanding how one can arrive at the right type and knowing how to use them is critical for being ready for that golf game.

Having the right clubs can go a long way in winning that match. So, the next time you go golfing remember that your bag should have the right clubs. A number of golf clubs have been launched in various markets this year which all claim to be the best at hitting the ball straighter and longer. But having many options can be challenging to choose from or deciding on which one to purchase.

When deciding on which golf club brand is the best for you, you must consider various things, including how well you know how to play golf, your range of prices and your height.

The colour of a golf club is purely cosmetic and meant to differentiate you from your opponent during a golfing event. Therefore, much attention should not be given to colour except if the player’s judgment of color is very poor.

In addition, most experienced golfers believe that deciding on the right club needed for the game depends on weighing out the woods, wedges, irons, hybrid, drivers, and putters.

The difference between golf clubs may be small hence care must be taken when considering to prefer a given brand over another. A player should not only depend on the club type but also on their skill level like any other actual sport which depends on knowing the game very well, understanding rules of the game and knowing the right equipment.

Golf at Willingcott and golf betting

Located in Devon, the Willingcott golf club started in 1984 with state of the art design of the whole club course. It opens seven days a week to all visitors. With its geographical setting in the Willingcott valley, the golf course gives the players a breath-taking experience throughout the 18 holes course with the aid of hazards including several bunkers, lakes and full grown trees. The hazards, some of which are natural, provide golfers of different levels very exciting challenges. The course also offers a 9-hole course for practice. The club offers a variety of facilities available for all visitors including buggies hire, changing rooms, a club house, trolley hire services. A perfectly placed catering and bar unit is also available at the club. Generally golfing at Willingcott provides great value for one’s money. Golf betting mostly, like other sports, rely on official rankings as by tournament organisers. In the case of a cancelled tournament, bets in relation to the tournament are considered as void. With an array of markets, it has become among the top staked sports. During a tournament or group betting the winner market, one predicts the final outcome of a given tournament. In Head to head market, one predicts who between two chosen players emerges on an upper position. A tie may occur in a competition some betting companies opt to return stakes and for a certain bet to be considered valid players should finish a total of three holes. In the event of a play off, the winner of the play off determines the overall winner of a tournament. A golfer who gets injured or withdraws before the end of a competition is considered to have finished in the least positioning. In a nut shell, golf betting is gradually becoming among the top sports to stake your money, you can learn more about betting odds and bonuses here.