Health Benefits of Golf

Playing golf has many benefits besides being outside inhaling clean air. Although playing golf cannot be confused with running or playing basketball, it has a beneficial exercise which is more significant when a golf player walks eighteen holes rather than taking the golf cart. The health benefits of golf include:

Burning calories and weight loss

Golfers burn over 2,000 calories to cover 18 holes, depending on the golf course terrain and the weather, while some cover even eight miles walking. Burning the calories contributes to weight loss.

Physical fitness

Playing golf contributes to physical fitness in many ways. As a golfer covers more miles walking, the body develops good posture. In addition, swinging as one plays golf provides a workout for all muscles since a full swing involves exercising the back, abdomen, arms, and legs.

Strengthening heart muscles

The heart muscles are exercised when playing golf which is important for it to function well. The golfers who plays four to five times every week can really strengthen their heart muscles. Stronger heart muscles can prevent many heart problems and thus increase one’s life years.

Vitamin D

Exposure to sunlight as one plays golf can help in getting Vitamin D. Vitamin D is important for heart health and bone growth.

Reducing anxiety and stress levels

Walking in fresh air during golf is wonderful for your serotine and endorphin levels which result in reduced anxiety and stress and improved mood. This game provides relaxation since the day-to-day hassles are given a break.


Being healthy also involves having a good social environment. Since golf is competitive, it takes place in a friendly environment. This gives participants the opportunity of discussing various issues with one another hence people enjoy the company of others while competing. Therefore, playing golf helps people to socialize and meet other players with totally different lifestyles.