Golf balls

Golf balls have received increasing interest in the ethical and economic equipment battles. There are golfers who are concerned that equipment advances will render the most storied golf courses outdated and obsolete. However, this is yet to happen as many of the famous courses continue to challenge and entertain golfers as they have done for the past decades. After all, stuffing the golf ball with rubber, liquid, or features does not matter since golf is a game that requires a sharp mind, consistency, and accuracy and it is not only about distance. That is, if a golf ball flies farther it does not automatically mean that they can fly more straight. Therefore, the impacts of advancement of ball technology in golf remain to be a mystery that is yet to be understood.

Many golfers are loyal to their ball brands, however, different ball brands claim to be unique and have different specifications. These attributes can be considered when buying the best ball for your game. Balls can be of different structures, some are made of one piece while other have five pieces.

One-piece ball

This is a basic ball which is the least expensive. It is designed mainly for beginners, crazy courses and driving ranges.

Two-piece ball

It has a solid core made of resin and covered outside by a cut-proof cover which gives it more distance.

Three-piece ball

It has a liquid core or solid rubber which is also associated with giving the ball stability.

Four-piece ball

The four layers has a different and specific purpose. These layers work collaboratively to provide a soft feeling, and to be the longest hitting golf ball.

Five-piece ball

This is the latest innovation in the design of golf ball which also aims at giving the players a soft feeling, and also to be the longest hitting golf ball.

Considering these golf balls and their attributes they may be important for some players but not others.